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October 11th: Today was day one of PACs AKA Partner Advisory Council for Microsoft Corporation and their Partners. The day consisted of showing up at the Bellevue Hyatt, around 7:30 and grabbing a bite to eat before I began my hard day. Then I head up to the room and set up my space in the conference room. I met my PAC leader, Bob Baker, and wrote down and memorized the Partners that entered the room, and where they sat. I do this in order to keep track of who said what during the conversations that occur. I am required to keep track of everyone and who says what, and who provides feedback. The PAC began at nine, and I typed. At noon we had a lunch break for an hour and a half where I had a chance to decompress and rest my ees from looking at a screen. I met up with my comrades and vented about what tough accents we had to listen to and transcribe, and what complicated acronyms we had to write up. After lunch, I typed ’til 5 PM when PACs for the day were over. I packed up my laptop, notebook, and coffee and headed home to rest. My eyes hurt so bad– but then again, they always do after PACs. After getting home, I always try and muster up some more energy after dinner to attack the already 45 page document at hand. I couldn’t do it. I
 decided to go to bed and rest my eyes because I know what’s up ahead tomorrow. 

October 12th: 7 AM bright and early, I met with my comrades in the early morning and headed back to Bellevue to meet. We went to breakfast again and prepared ourselves for what was ahead. 8:30, I was ready to go again. Bob started off PACs and the Partners engaged with discussion leaders as I transcribed everything. Questions were being asked, feedback was being offered, and suggestions were being said, and I attmepted to capture everything. Lunch time, I had 70 pages. I already dread editing those. I know my typing isn’t perfect which means a lot of time editing and fixing the notes so they are perfect. I’ll work on that tonight. Or maybe tomorrow. After lunch it’s back to the conference room. At the end of the day at 5PM and after saying goodbye to all my Partners and to Bob, I saved my document on Word, looked at the word count: 30,000 and 110 pages. Yikes. I know what that means.


October 13th-17th: My life consists of 30 minute breaks, energy drinks, and exhausted eyes. I’m so sick of looking at a computer screen I could puke. Each day, I am required to carefully edit all of spelling and grammatical errors in my notes, add Partners and Microsoft people’s names and the company they work for, keep track of action items, and make sure ideas are fully grasped and written down. In order to see this task is fulfilled, I have to divide the pages up per day, that way I have some breathing room and don’t die from stress, information overload, or the removal of too many commas and extra periods. 110 pages divided over four days. 27 pages a day is a lot easier for my brain to grasp. I’ve gotta get better at shortening what members say so I don’t have to work as hard. After all of my pages were edited, it’s on for a final read thru of yes, the entire document, then it is carefully attached in an e-mail and sent away. My boss Jill, looks over the document, makes sure it reaches her standards of excellence and is shipped off to Microsoft for their own viewing pleasure.

January 20th: This day was a much different day than the ones previously or those in the future. This was a “welcome back to a new semester” dinner at Jill’s house with all of our colleagues. We all met at Jill’s place where we reunited and caught up on what was not said at PACs in October. We sat around, caught up with life, ate a delicious dinner, and discussed future plans and upcoming PACs in March. I must admit, I didn’t really want to go because I know how long Jill can talk for, and I would much rather have taken a nap. But because I’ve learned how important it is to network, get my face in front of employers and let them know I am dedicated and always available, I went. I did have fun, and the food that Jill made was phenomenal. Meeting with colleagues and sharing stroies with Jill and her family eventually did become really fun. Jill let us poor college students take leftovers home so we wouldn’t starve to death back at school. 🙂 It was overall as a good experience that let me get my face out in front of Jill and I was able to enjoy some seriously good food.


March 7th: Once again, PACs rolled around for a final time for this internship opportunity. I knew what was comign the night before but found myslef stressing like normal the night before. All the worries and anxieties of traffic, waking up late, getting lost, not being able to keep up with the conversations, or doing a bad job are all things that my brain was processing as I stayed the night with my sister, who also is in this field of work with me. We woke up early, grabbed some coffee from Starbucks and hit early morning Seattle traffic. Good thing we left early. We made it to downtown Seattle (where it’s held in March) and headed down to breakfast and met up with the gang. After breakfast, I headed upstairs and set up and met Bob once again and finsihed getting ready for the day. PArtners walked in, greeted each other and me, sat down, and wiated for PACs to begin. Sessions were more than normal, as they divided up 1 1/2 hour sessions into two 45 minute sessions instea.d A lot of work, but more breaks, which is nice. Lunch came, and I drug myself downstairs to recoop and refuel. My eyes are starting to hurt already. Lunch was cut short to 30 minutes so I ate quickly and headed back up. Sessions ended at 5:00 and I packed up and headed home, and decided to rough it out this time and start on editing the already 52 paged document. After several pages of editing, I crashed and went to sleep, only to start all over again tomorrow.

March 8th: The last day of PACs are always a btiter sweet moment for me. I’m glad the work is done, but I love my Partners, my PAc, my Lead, Bob, and the whole atmosphere. The bitter part is knowing that I have to edit the soon to be 92 paged document. Ick. For now, I sat and typed away all morning to gather thoughts, insights, complaints, and suggestions from PAC Partners. Microsoft employees were very open and excited ot share their new proposals and discoveries to their Partners. Soon it was lunch time. I love the Hyatt’s food. It’s always so good. This time, lunch was extended due to lack of lunch time the day before, which was nice. My eyes got to rest four an hour and a half. After lunch, I headed back up. The bummer was that during the first meeting after lunch, my keyboard on my laptop froze up. Trying not to panic, I texted my boss, told her I needed help, and continued to take notes on paper. I missed some information but had to keep going. Soon enough, Jill broke in and swapped laptops and rushed outside in an attempt to fix my laptop. soon, she was back, and I was back on business for the rest of the PAC. Other than that one slip up and technical difficulty, this quarter’s PAC was a success and I feel very confident in my work and my professionalism.

March 9th-13th: On the 9th, I gave myself a break– a break to rest and rest my eyes. On the 10th I headed home over to mountains to Eastern Washington so I could clear my head, sit down, and focus down each day to divvie up the pages needed to edit. It went well. I had it down to 17 pages a day and I could divide the 17 pages up so I could have periodical breaks where I wouldn’t have to think about them. This is by far the most agonizing part of the entire job. I love my job, I love what it pays, and I love the experience, but the editing is agonizing. Tedious typing and re-typing of the same thing over and over. Putting Partner’s names and businesses is the most fun because it’s as easy as a search and replace. Plus, it’s a sign that I’m almost done with the document when I put in their names. Finally, after finding all the action items, doing a final read-thru of the document, I sent it off to my boss. That was it! My last assignment in this internship. It was real. It was fun. But it wasn’t real fun.

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