Web Design Class Notes Feb. 10, 2011

What are personas? It’s a tool used to communicate nuance and emotion with the goal of creating a product that closely meets target audience needs.

Class Exercise:


1.) Parent with 2 boys, vacation

2.) Single female business woman, 35 years old

3.) 70 y/o Grandma visiting grandkids

4.)22 year old colleg recent grauduate, job interview

5.) 40 year old immigrant, returning home to Mexico-funeral

Marge Dawson, a 70 year old grandma who is from Sweet Home Alabama is on  her way to Portland, Oregon to visit her two grandkids Maggie and Jack. She is a mother of three children, her daughter, Veronica being Maggie and Jack’s mother. She’s is a widow to William Dawson, a former World War II soldier, who died in battle. Forced to raise her children on her own after his death, she worked as a stay-at-home seamstress for Nordstrom. She has a sophisticated tatste in clothing style because of this. She is the Southern Belle with a hint class.

Marge needs to get ot Portland as soon as possible because Jack has a big trumpet recital with his private school. Being in 5th grade, he is eligible for a scholarship to Juliard after he graduates high school. Marge is aware of this incredible opportunity and wouldn’t miss it. She is will off, being a well-renowned seamtress and famous beer brewer in Alabama State.

Although she struggled in raising her children and making needs meet, she is now well-taken care of, as she lives in a giant white mansion, with a maid named Nancy and her fluffy cat, Phillis. Even though Marge is loaded, she values being frugal nonetheless.

She arrives ot and from anywhere in her silver Jaguar, and has never been ashamed to flaunt her bling bling. She’s loaded. She’s the rich grandma, who any kid would LOVE to be known as her favorite grandkid.

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